Case Study:

A CBD Beverage That Ticks All the Boxes

The global cannabis drinks market is on track to reach an astonishing $2 billion (USD) by 2026. The demand is there, but the expertise to create cannabinoid-based beverages that are not only enjoyable to consume, but actually work are thin on the ground.

One UK–based, multi-national brand reached out to True North Labs after spending weeks attempting to formulate a CBD drink range with a different company, only to find that the water soluble CBD they had been sold was in fact more likely to be CBD isolate. 

Here at True North Labs, we know that to create a CBD drink that ticks all the boxes, water soluble cannabinoids are a must. We’re dedicated to delivering CBD products that produce real results to the global market, so we took on the challenge to develop a premium CBD drink under severe time constraints.

The Problem

Lack of stability

Before coming to us, the brand went to another company to create a CBD drink to help them diversify into this booming global market. Unfortunately, the formulation was created using what they were led to believe was a water soluble powder, that created congealment, separation and stability problems.

Poor understanding of water-soluble CBD

Creating and utilising water soluble CBD and other water soluble cannabinoids takes a high level of expertise, precision and state-of-the-art equipment. We have all of this at True North Labs, but not everyone who claims to provide water soluble cannabinoids does. In this particular situation, the brand was presented with a white powder that looked an awful lot like CBD isolate, not water soluble CBD. This made for an undrinkable product, poor bioavailability and extremely inaccurate dosing.

Severe time constraints

As the brand had put their trust in a company that could not meet their requirements, weeks were wasted on creating a product that could not be brought to market. As a result, the brand was well behind schedule and needed to formulate a new, superior product within their seriously constrained timelines.

Our Approach

Expert Consultation

This drinks brand needed our help, fast! We had to find solutions together, so our lab team engaged with the customer on a consultative basis. Within 48 hours, the customer had a sample on their desk.

Expedite the product

Once a plan was drawn up and the sample delivered, we arranged a second consultation where our experts coached the customer as to how to apply to their formulation for the desired result. We knew this was something that would require guidance to create an exceptional product, so we made sure we were on hand to help every step of the way.

Launch on schedule

Due to the time constraints, we had to find ways to speed up the process without cutting corners. Thanks to our team’s expertise, agility and dynamism, we were able to provide a sample within 48 hours and the actual emulsion just another 48 hours later.

The Results

A premium CBD drink

Against all odds, our lab worked with the drinks brand to produce a top-of-the-range CBD beverage using a liquid water-soluble10% CBD solution. There were no further issues with stability or consistency –all existing problems were addressed with speed and precision.

Superior CBD bioavailability

Using our 10 years of experience developing top of the range cannabinoid products and formulations, we delivered a CBD drink that not only ticked all the boxes, but excelled well beyond expectations. By using our tried and tested nano-emulsion technique, we were able to create a water soluble solution that was homogenous and consistent in dosing as well as compatible with the chosen packaging, mixing tank materials and other ingredients. Opting for our water soluble CBD liquid, that has been created using the very best processes and technologies, meant that the end result was a joy to consume as well as highly effective.

Our Takeaway:

Creating a CBD drink is not as easy as people think! There’s real skill involved in developing a cannabis drink that tastes great, looks good and does what it’s supposed to do.

The lab you work with must know their stuff when it comes to water soluble CBD and bioavailability. If in doubt, always ask your lab about compatibility with other ingredients and packaging, consistency in dosing and product quality, absorption and distribution of the water soluble CBD in the solution, and the ingredients and technologies/processes used the create the product.

Don’t be shy about requesting the SDS sheets to back up what they say, and make sure you understand them. Knowledge is key to success in the cannabis industry.