Frequently Asked

Extraction & Formulation

Do you grow your own plan material for extraction?

We do not grow our own biomass because we are extraction specialists. We source almost exclusively from Swiss farmers that have been cultivating biomass of the finest quality for generations with sustainable methods. Most of our biomass supply is grown only 20 minutes up the road from our extraction facility. Sometimes, clients will request to use other biomass of their choice from other parts of Europs, which is possible as well.

What extraction methods do you use?

Our founders hail from Canada, where we have worked with all types of hemp extraction, including supercritical CO2, subcritical CO2, hydrocarbon, water extraction, etc. We believe cryogenic ethanol extraction and distillation to be the superior form of extraction.

Is CBD extraction carried out at your facility or your partners?

All extraction and formulation occurs in our very own, custom-built laboratory located in Pfyn, Switzerland. Interested in booking a tour? Get in touch now!

Does your facility hold any certifications?

We operate according to HACCP and ISO 22000 for food-based products. For cosmetic formulations we operate according to Good Laboratory Practices. Our GMP packaging area has passed feasibility and will be online Q2 of 2022.

What is your position on Novel Foods? 

We have a Novel Foods dossier submitted for all of our raw hemp actives and you are able to become a sublicensee to our application in the United Kingdom (FSA). In Europe, the EU Commission is currently revisiting the assessment of Novel Foods dossiers. Our Novel Foods application for CBD extracts have successfully passed the initial administrative check. More information is available here.

Are you be able to ensure consistent quality as it relates to CBD and THC content?

Meeting label claims is our top priority, especially when working with partners from all over the world. We have successfully delivered our hemp active ingredients (CBD, CBG, CBN) to even the strictest import jurisdictions such as Russia and Japan. Our THC remediation technology in-house allows us to guarantee THC content.

Do you offer in-house or 3rd party cannabinoid content analysis?

Our in-house testing capabilities include analyzing cannabinoid content of plant materials and extracts via HPLC. We are also able to offer analysis via a 3rd party with varying testing methods and specifications.