Brand Creation/

Some of our clients have already defined their ideas on which product concept, branding and consumer messaging they prefer – while others have thought about this less.

Where are you with your branding?
Have you got defined ideas of product concept, branding and consumer message?
Are you looking to revisit your branding due to a changing consumer context?
In our experience, it’s vital to be 100% clear on what you are creating, for whom (who will buy it), why they would buy it, and how to communicate your product’s USPs and major selling points to consumers.
Our teams expertise and impressive track record of brand creation across multiple categories means we are equipped to support you in defining (or redefining) all of these crucial aspects.

Common areas we help clients with.

Product naming
and design
Brand positioning/
Target consumer
Consumer need
state analysis
Competitive set
Defining your
place in the market
Growth marketing
Website creation,
review and
Case Studies

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