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Bespoke formulations? True North Labs talks about exciting ingredients.

Discover the critical role of micronutrient fortification in bridging dietary gaps and enhancing health
April 24, 2024
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Bespoke Formulations: True North Labs Pioneers in Health and Wellness

The Global Impact of Micronutrient Deficiencies and True North's Solutions


Vitamin andmineral deficiencies affect people of all genders and ages across lower- andhigher-income countries, making this a global problem worth addressing. It is estimated that more than two billion people are thought to suffer from micro-nutrient deficiencies as a result of both insufficient food intake and, notably, inadequate nutritious food intake.


Micronutrients: Beyond Nutrition to Holistic Health

Micronutrientsare more than just critical components of general nutrition - scientists have discovered they can also be used for beauty enhancement, muscle health, and cognitive performance. This range of benefits introduces micronutrients as away of thinking about holistic health and immunity: consuming combinations of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that promote enhanced general health. True North Labs works to create solutions that provide tailored combinations of synergistic ingredients to deliver myriad health benefits.

Vitamins, areorganic substances classified as either fat-soluble (dissolve in fat and tendto store in the body) or water-soluble (dissolve in water before the body can absorb them). Minerals, are inorganic substances classified as either macro-minerals (needed in large amounts in the diet) or microminerals (needed in smaller amounts in the diet).

Adapting to Change: How COVID-19 Transformed Health Awareness

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about immense changes to the healthcare system. Throughall the chaos, we see a silver lining: the increasing awareness of taking charge of one's health. Increasingly, people are trying to understand their individual needs and looking for solutions that might enhance their health. We're also witnessing a considerable rise in technological aids such as biometric devices and mood-tracking apps to document trial-and-error efforts to determine what does and doesn't work for them.


Personalized Wellness: Crafting Unique Health Products with True North

With consumers beginning to care more about personal wellness, this presents anexciting opportunity to work with True North Labs to craft different product formulations. Whether it be tinctures, patches, supplements, drinks, cosmetics,or something else entirely, we'll help transform any concept into an in-the-package-ready product, complete with a bespoke formulation that can provide several functional benefits.


From Concept to Reality: The True North Labs Design House Advantage

True North Labs are ideally placed to help you develop whatever bespoke solution you mayhave in mind. Our team is comprised of industry experts who offer extensive knowledge when it comes to designing and developing products. With years of experience, they can provide valuable insight into the formulation process and guide clients through every stage until their desired outcome has been achieved.


At TrueNorth Labs, our exploration extends beyond conventional compounds to includethe likes of L-Theanine and Copper peptides (increases collagen), ingredientsthat have shown promising potential. While these ingredients do not dominate mainstream discussions like others, their inclusion in our research reflects our commitment to holistic health and innovative wellness solutions. L-Theanine, derived from green tea, is recognized for its stress-relieving andcognitive-enhancing properties, and Copper, a fundamental mineral, is essentialfor numerous bodily functions and skin health. These components exemplify our dedication to exploring natural yet potent ingredients that could improve wellness. This approach aligns with a broader shift in the health and wellness industry towards recognizing the therapeutic potential of natural compounds in addressing a range of health concerns and towards a preventive health shift,which is needed if our healthcare systems are going to be able to survive.


Keeping Up-to-Date with Emerging Ingredients in Health and Wellness

We are thrilled to bring you up-to-date on the emerging ingredients shaping our healthand wellness: commenting on emerging scientific discoveries and keeping abreast of minerals, vitamins, and other nutritional elements that may improve the vitality of our customers. Our aim is to drop further articles on these topics to act as a resource to introducenew ideas and encourage broader discussion around the functional benefits and synergies that these compounds promote. Our commitment is to deliverinformation to inspire customers, pique curiosity, and share our passion for asolutions-oriented approach to wellness.


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Stay Tuned: Look out for our first feature article, where we delve deeper into the fascinating world of wellness innovation and the pioneering efforts of True North Labs.



Why Micronutrient Fortification Is Essential and why it matters for brands


Bridging Nutritional Gaps:

Fortifying foods withessential micronutrients targets critical deficiencies in modern diets, aimingto prevent conditions linked to inadequate nutrient intake, such as compromisedimmunity and various preventable health issues.


Health and Wellness Prioritization: 

In a worldwhere wellness is increasingly valued, consumers are drawn to fortified foods,supplements  and beverages that promiseadded health benefits. Micronutrient fortification caters to this need bysimplifying access to vital nutrients and supporting a well-rounded diet.


Innovation at the Forefront: 

With nutritionscience advancing rapidly, fortification has become crucial, particularly insports, energy drinks and recovery products. This progress is a response to aconsumer base that is more conscious than ever about maintaining an active andhealth-conscious lifestyle.


Elevating Plant-Based Choices: 

The surge inplant-based diet preferences focuses on ensuring these options arenutritionally adequate. Fortification plays a pivotal role in enhancing theappeal of plant-based products, marrying nutritional completeness with thedesired taste profile.


Product ideas can include:

Supplementation, is the use of concentrated micronutrients in pill, powder, or liquid form and for innovation transdermally.   Liquid doses, or function drinks are another area.