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Swiss Spring Watch: Getting Active with Cannabinoids

Swiss Spring Watch is dedicated to championing amazing plants, particularly cannabinoids, and their potential benefits for an active lifestyle
April 24, 2024
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Discover the Benefits of Cannabinoids for Your Active Lifestyle with Swiss Spring Watch

We’re so lucky to be based here in Pfyn, Switzerland. Everybody knows the clichés about Switzerland, and the alps: the clean, fresh air, the greenery, the stunning mountains, the story of Heidi... Well, perhaps it’s possible to go too far, but like most clichés, the observations are rooted in truth.

Switzerland is famous for its healthy lifestyle, in particular for clean air, with Zurich recently ranking as the cleanest city in the world . Additionally, Switzerland’s wealth of naturally thermal spas and subsequent history of spa hotels in the 18th and 19th centuries has led to it being probably the first European Capital of Wellness (a term we’ve just invented).

That’s why, when building our amazing facility and growing our team of trouble-shooters and problem solvers, we’re so lucky to call Pfyn our home.

Now, with Spring in the air and nature doing her thing, we’re able to get outside much more often, get our running shoes on, go for a hike, and in general learn about and enjoy nature. And as much as we’re still too early to spot the first edelweiss, with the snows now clearing we’re getting our trail-running shoes on and getting out there! It’s our love of nature and the outdoors which is one of the fundamental reasons our business exists: to champion amazing plants, to help more people derive their benefits, and to help our business partners doing the same.

Embrace the Swiss Alps' Healthy Lifestyle and Get Moving with Cannabinoids

For us, the cannabis plant and the various extracts you can derive from it (predominantly CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC and of course in North America, THC) have a huge potential to this way of life. If you’re outside hiking, running – or whatever – then you’ll have a great time, but your muscles will tell you about it later! One member of our team, John, likes to run ultra-marathons, so we’ve developed a Cannabinoid spray cream and he used it on his recent endeavours. His sample-size-of-one feedback: amazing. The cream sped up his recovery helping him get back in the saddle at least 24-48 hours earlier than he otherwise would have been, so he was able to get back outdoors a day quicker!

And that’s what it’s all about. We need to get people moving more

Team TNL on the trail, on the bike and in the desert

Exercise is essential for our well-being as our ancestors evolved in environments that demanded constant physical activity. In contrast, modern lifestyles often involve sedentary routines and desk-bound jobs, to which our bodies aren't well-adapted. Engaging in exercise positively impacts nearly every aspect of our physiology, including heart health, muscle and bone strength, fat regulation, and even brain function.

Whether you’re an elite athlete like John, or more of a Weekend Warrior (or even just if you have to work harder than you used to to earn those pints…) it’s about getting out, trying to stay active, keeping moving… And then increasingly, about looking for tools or tricks that help you stay out that little bit longer, recover that little bit faster, and enjoy nature that little bit more.

That – that is why we do what we do. And that’s why we love spring so much, especially up in the Swiss Alps where we are.

If you would like to find out more, or you or your business is exploring the world of cannabinoids and how they can add value to your business, please get in touch.