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Things to look for when looking for CBD manufacturers for your brand

Are you looking for the best CBD manufacturer for your business? This article is for any CBD business owner that needs to have their products manufactured
April 24, 2024
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Things to look for when looking for CBD manufacturers for your brand

Are you looking for the best CBD manufacturer for your business? This article is for any CBD business owner that needs to have their products manufactured but don't know how to find the right partner for the job.

If you're thinking about beginning a business, one of the most important steps will be to discover the best wholesale supplier or CBD manufacturer for your business.

Because low-quality, synthetic items might seem appealing at first sight, you must choose your wholesale CBD provider with caution. That involves selecting a business that not only regularly offers high-quality formulas but also aligns with your organisation's beliefs while giving high-quality assistance when needed.

You may assess potential suppliers' expertise with your product and market by asking the following questions:

  • To which countries does the provider export the bulk of its products?
  • Is the provider conversant with your target market's legal needs and regulations?
  • Does the supplier have a dependable network of sub-suppliers for your product's raw materials, manufacturing inputs, and components?
  • Does the supplier have any industry-specific certifications for your product?


The "ideal" supplier is rarely the same for every importer. For example, a manufacturing giant like Apple would have different supplier criteria than a first-time customer who sells on Amazon.

Some vendors may be more willing to create new items. Others may emphasise lowering their environmental impact. The idea is to identify a provider whose objectives are like yours.

You may assess prospective suppliers' cultural fit by asking the following questions:

  • What kind of businesses do they usually deal with?
  • What is their MOQ (minimum order quantity)?
  • What do they know about your company?
  • How specific is their quote? Have they taken the effort to customise their quotation to your exact needs?

Culture fit is especially crucial for smaller customers or those with special needs. Due to minimum order quantity constraints, some significant suppliers will be inaccessible to smaller importers.

Even if more prominent suppliers accept your business, other orders may be prioritised ahead of yours, resulting in frequent manufacturing delays.

Suppliers with a client profile comparable to yours will better suit your needs. A willingness to collaborate with you and prioritise your needs is an essential attribute of a successful provider.  

Private Label CBD vs White Label CBD

First, let's distinguish between white labels and private labels. It's simple to mix up these two words. Many individuals, in fact, use them interchangeably. There is, however, a significant distinction. White label CBD products are standard formulas and combinations created by a white label corporation for resale by various merchants. You may theoretically offer the identical product composition under different brand names. Consequently, since the formulas aren't individually tailored to your brand, white label CBD products are less expensive.

On the other hand, private label CBD products are produced and manufactured exclusively for your business and no one else's. The formulation is unique, created to your specifications, and marketed alone under your brand name. Nobody else can sell these things. Because the formulation is unique, hiring a private label CBD firm to manufacture your goods will cost more than using a white label company.  

How to Choose the Best Private Label CBD Manufacturers

It's an exciting moment to become involved in this sector. With so many people consuming CBD for apparent advantages, the potential for development is undeniable. Once you've identified the characteristics of a credible CBD distributor, you'll be able to begin the verification process with confidence.

  • Carry out third-party quality testing

Because of the quick rise, the CBD industry has been swamped with defective goods. According to a recent study undertaken by a group of academics from the University of Pennsylvania in partnership with many other research institutions, 69 per cent of CBD products included amounts of CBD that were either greater or lower than the quantity indicated on the product label.

  • They must have excellent marketing support

Dealing with lousy customer service is a constant strain on your energy and time, and it may also be a drain on your business. A corporation that does not value customer service will likely put you in difficult circumstances, such as short orders or delayed shipment. These delays may often have a knock-on effect, making your brand seem inconsistent.

  • Provide a wide range of CBD products.

CBD is available in a variety of forms. A reliable wholesale partner provides a wide selection of items. Examine their product catalogue to ensure that they have everything you want to offer.

  • Their goods are well packaged.

This one is apparent, yet it is often ignored. When merchants are searching for a CBD producer, pricing and service are often at the top of the list. However, don't forget to look at how things are packed. The product's aesthetic appeal significantly impacts how well it sells, and the packaging affects the quality of your wholesale goods, particularly over time.

  • They are in line with the values of your company.

It might be tough to find a firm that meets all your demands, but you should never allow that to get in the way of your company's values. Of course, this varies with each merchant and small company owner. For some, this may imply looking for eco-friendly items packed in biodegradable materials or things packaged solely in recycled containers. Others may define this as purchasing exclusively organic or vegan items. Many individuals choose wholesalers that do not subject their goods to animal testing and are generally cruelty-free.

Top CBD Private Label and White Label Companies

There are many private label and white label CBD companies to choose from, and each has its own set of capabilities and benefits.  

With White Label and Private Label, you can quickly start the CBD industry.

The CBD sector is rapidly expanding, and working with a white label or private label CBD firm is a simple way to get started with your own CBD business. Choosing a solid business partner puts you in the best position to develop your consumer base and expand into new areas in the long run.  

True North Labs is YOUR preferred supplier because we tick all the boxes and more. Contact us now.