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Ultra-marathoners' Influence on Cannabinoid Product Development via Ultra-X Series and Sports Recovery

Discover how the Ultra-X Series, a gruelling endurance event, is driving sports recovery product development.
April 24, 2024
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Ultra-X Series and Sports Recovery: How Ultramarathoners are Driving CBD Product Innovation

Testing Proprietary Cannabinoid Products for Ultra-marathoners

Over the weekend, a member of the TNL team, who has been an Ultra marathoner for over a decade, completed the 75km event as part of the Ultra-X Spring Trail Series in the UK. The runner in question has been working with the lab team to develop a sports recovery product that is better than what is currently on the market.

He is the first person to participate in our user trial, and we are looking for more volunteers. So if you want to learn more, skip to the bottom to get in touch!

What is the Ultra X series and why is it the perfect place to conduct cannabinoid product development?

The Ultra X Series is an endurance event involving running long distances through various terrains, such as trails, mountains, and forests. The Ultra X Series events typically range from 50 to 250 kilometres in distance, and participants must complete the course within a specified time frame. The Ultra X Series is a challenging and physically demanding event requiring participants to have high fitness, endurance, and mental toughness. The event is popular among ultra-runners and adventure seekers looking for a unique and challenging experience.

The Ultra-X series presents itself as the perfect setting for finding people to complete user trials for our new cannabinoid products. The profile of the competing ultramarathoners position them as ideal candidates to trial products: they are trailblazers in endurance sport; they are acutely aware of their own body's capabilities and know just how they can push their bodies to the limits. This acute awareness is shared among elite athletes, from fighters to footballers: knowing your body, its capabilities, and limitations.

The user results contextualised; who are ultramarathoners?

The persona of an ultramarathoner varies depending on the individual, but some common characteristics are often associated with this type of athlete. Ultramarathoners are known for their extraordinary endurance, both physical and mental. They constantly push themselves beyond their limits, running distances that would be considered impossible by most people. In addition, they have a high pain tolerance and can endure discomfort and fatigue for extended periods. Ultramarathoners are also typically very disciplined and focused on their training, diet, and recovery to optimise their performance. Finally, ultramarathoners tend to be passionate about their sport; many see it as a way to challenge themselves and push their boundaries.

Ultra-marathoners may be good for product development for several reasons.

Knowing your limitations and when to test them.

First, as athletes who regularly push themselves to the limit, they have a keen understanding of their own physical and mental limitations. They are often acutely aware of what works and what doesn't when it comes to equipment, nutrition, recovery and training methods. This understanding can be invaluable when it comes to developing products tailored to endurance athletes' specific needs.

Focus on Performance for Improved Product Quality

Second, ultramarathoners are often very focused on performance and constantly seek improvement. They are always looking for ways to optimise their training and nutrition to improve their performance. This mindset can benefit product development, as it means that they are always looking for ways to make products better and more effective.

Sense of Community for Market Success and Accessibility

Finally, ultramarathoners often have a strong sense of community and are deeply engaged with other athletes and the broader endurance sports community. This can provide valuable insights into the needs and preferences of a large and passionate customer base. By tapping into this community and understanding their needs, product developers can create products more likely to resonate with this audience and succeed in the market.

Ultramarathoner feedback: what did the user trial reveal?

The product that we are testing includes proprietary technology spray-on applicator that provides a consistent, accurately dosed and thin layer of cream that is fast-absorbing, doesn't leave fatty residues and doesn't suffocate the skin.

The user trial echoed this, and the feedback was as follows:

"I have been using the spray cream for three days pre and two days post various ultra-marathons over the last few months, and I estimate that my recovery time is a good day ahead of where it would normally be for a race of this type. The cream is easy to apply, smooth and even when massaged in, it leaves no meaningful residue on your hands. The combination of being fitter, hydration, sleep and the spray-on cream definitely helps, and I am definitely recovering faster these days.”

How Ultramarathoner-Tested Products Benefit Aspiring Athletes

The insights and innovations developed for ultramarathoners can benefit people in several ways. For example:

Improved Product Quality for Enhanced Performance

When product developers work with ultramarathoners to design and test products, the resulting products are often higher quality and more effective. This can benefit all kinds of aspiring athletes, even weekend warriors, by providing them with products that are effective on elite athletes.

Better Health Outcomes for Optimal Fitness

Ultramarathoners are often very focused on their health and well-being, which can lead to the development of products that promote better health outcomes for all users. For example, a new sports drink or energy gel developed for ultramarathoners may contain natural ingredients that provide sustained energy without causing crashes, benefiting all users.

CBD Products for Better Recovery and Reduced Soreness

Better recovery is an essential aspect of training for ultramarathoners, allowing them to perform at their best and avoid injury. One product that has become increasingly popular among ultramarathoners for its potential recovery benefits is CBD (cannabidiol). Ultramarathoners have reported using CBD products such as tinctures, gummies, and topicals to help manage pain and soreness and improve their sleep quality.

Increased Accessibility for Affordable and Effective Solutions

As ultramarathoners are often at the forefront of testing and adopting new technologies and products, this can lead to the development of products that are more accessible and affordable for every aspiring athlete.  

In summary, the innovations and insights developed for and by ultramarathoners pave the way for other aspiring athletes to access quality products promoting better health outcomes at increasingly accessible prices, all of which are things that we advocate for at TNL.

Are you looking for new product ideas and have distribution???

We have designed this product as a muscle recovery solution to help athletes of all ages improve their recovery time and get back out there faster! From weekend warriors to elite athletes, We are seeking to connect with brands that have established distribution channels and are interested in exploring new product ideas. If your brand is looking to expand its product line and tap into emerging trends in the sports recovery market, we would love to speak with you.

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If you want to learn more about sports recovery, look out for our second piece in the series which we are going to drop in a few days.