Crafting the Perfect Vape

Cannabinoid-derived vaporizers are our specialty. Now we extend an exclusive invitation to innovate.

There are so many things to consider when crafting a market-ready vaporizer.

True North Labs has over 10 years of research and experience in working in the highly regulated Canadian cannabis market. Our experts have previously worked with some of the largest cannabis companies to commercialise vape SKUs across every Canadian province. Our experience drives us to produce vaporizers that are best-in-class when it comes to the consumer experience. We do so by considering three important aspects:

/ 1
We have developed in-house custom blended organic profiles. We choose to avoid harmful diluents or MCT oils while being able to maintain a high CBD content (50%+).
/ 2
Terpenes and Minor Cannabinoids
Our formulations are synergistic effect-based blends. We can also develop terpene profiles based on cultivar's strains. We also use natural, cannabis-derived terpenes.
/ 3
Hardware Choice
While the rest of the industry has high hardware failure rates, we are able to guarantee low failure rates. Our hardware has a consistent power delivery and heats the formulation within an optimal temperature range so it does not burn. We provide Material Certifications with leeching tests. Our batteries are part of the UL 8139 Battery Certification Program.