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Where can I buy CBD Wholesale products?

Looking for premium wholesale CBD products from Switzerland with low MOQs and customizations?
April 24, 2024
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Can I buy CBD wholesale products?

Do you want to distribute quality CBD, Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and hemp products from Switzerland and be part of our success?

Then why not become a CBD Distributor

We are always interested in working with distributors partners and new clients who want to work internationally to expand our distribution network by representing our Made in Swiss brand.

We are charting a new course missioned to provide the world's most integrative and solution-based formulations involving cannabinoids.

Who is True North Labs’ ideal customer?

• An existing CBD brand with a footprint is looking to add new products to its line-up.

• Brand/Company with an existing product line or formulation that requires improvement. Let us help you improve the recipe or use one of our wholesale off-the-shelf ready to go lines

• You might have an existing extraction/formulator/supplier that is not providing the service level or the accurate product specification you require

• Your supplier might be based in North America, and you are worried about your sustainability image from your carbon footprint.   Our facility, located in the foothills of the Swiss Alps, runs on hydropower, and we recycle our used biomass back into the local farms for fertiliser.

• Your distribution already exists and is set up (e-commerce, retail channels, wholesale) but lacks cannabis 2.0 products. Let's face it, everyone has an essential tincture, but how can you make it better with the addition of other actives? How can you improve bioavailability? What is the next innovative product in your brand roadmap? What are your customers looking for? Our Science led evidence-based approach could provide the answer.  

• Cannabis companies who are unable to formulate in-house and want to partner with us

• SME -Small medium-size brands who want to customise an offering

• Manufacturers combining cannabinoids with other ingredients that would like expertise and project management

• A brand that has a limited offering and wants to expand its offering

• SME & large consumer packaged goods companies who operate in edibles, drinks, snacks, pet food, and vaping but don’t have the deep technical, product or regulatory knowledge to include cannabinoids in their range

CBD, Cannabinoid and Terpene products at wholesale prices

You are looking for CBD oil wholesale

You are looking for Cannabinoid distillates wholesale

You are looking for CBD isolate wholesale

• You are looking for CBG wholesale

You are looking for CDB water soluble

• You are looking for Cannabis terpenes wholesale

• You are looking for CBD gummies wholesale, or maybe looking for private label options

• CBD bulk supplier

You are looking for CRD-Crystal Resistant Distillate for your Vape business

(Crystal Resistant Distillate is a Hemp CBD concentrated extract designed to reduce problematic manufacturing obstacles arising from distillates that begin to crystallize after several days. This product is especially ideal in vapes)

Cannabis Terpenes

• If you’re new to terpenes and what to learn more see our article series here

• If you want to learn more about sourcing terpenes

• If you want to learn more about sourcing quality terpenes

• If you want to learn about water-soluble terpenes that work with beverages

• If you want to use terpenes to make edibles, beverages, or infused flowers

• If you want to replicate aromatic blends for cannabis and hops more accurately than anyone else

• If you are formulating cosmetics, or making therapeutic products, again get in touch we loved to speak with you.

CBD Wholesale  & Why choose True North Labs?

• Many brands claim they are from Switzerland, but being located here is another matter. Visit us in Thurgau or watch our lab video

• Sustainable Pan-European Producer with an ESG policy to match.   We take ownership  of our ESG footprint; find our ESG policy (here)

• Full Suite of lab services from extraction, formulation, remediation and testing all located under one roof.  

• You want to work with Cannabinoids, terpenes, and adaptogens

• For CBD brands and businesses, 10+ years of cannabis know-how, Canadian expertise and EU GMP practices

• Clients can source locally produced ingredients while avoiding supply chain issues

• Quality Formulations made in Switzerland with complete control, precise dosing

• The experience derived from North American markets. We've done this before with the launch and release of over 60 SKUs spanning all extract-based Consumer Packaged Goods. Pending EU and UK Novel Food applications.

• Project manage large-scale FMCG products from Cosmetics, vapes, and edibles.

• We can offer in-house HPLC analysis including product stability testing.

But that’s not why you should become a wholesale partner with us.

At True North Labs, everything we do is designed to make people's lives better in a meaningful, impactful way. Our foundation is built on scientific research. Our products are personalised to address everyday problems such as pain management, mental health, and sleep support.

We are unique because we blend decades of research-based product excellence derived in the North American market with a custom-built facility in the heart of Europe's most progressive cannabis market.

Our approach is different because we analyse data from the wellness space and functional ingredients such as CBD. We then combine the data to make unique products targeted at the specific goal of the user (better sleep, anxiety management, immune system support.  We also go beyond just using "CBD isolate "by combining different cannabinoids and terpenes for a synergistic effect.

How to apply?  Please use the form below to contact our CBD Distributor team.

Once we receive your application, our team will contact you within 24 hours with more detailed information and options to schedule a meeting.

We will educate you about our company’s USPs, our products, the legislative frameworks, including limitations and answer any questions about our wide range of products.

Our experienced team members will be there to support you every step of the way. From the initial training and education to sales support and demos, we’re here to help. 

TNL's CBD Cannabinoid Wholesale / Distributor / Supplier form can be found here