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ePac: Leading the Way for Sustainable Packaging Solutions with Partnerships

Discover how ePac's digital manufacturing process and focus on " Aus der Region, Für die Region" are leading the way towards a circular economy.
April 24, 2024
Industry News

TNL's Livia Graf recently visited ePac and was thoroughly impressed with their sustainable practices and dedication to the circular economy. It's inspiring to see partners like ePac leading the way towards a more sustainable future
Livia Graf and the ePac team

ePac: Leading the Way for Sustainable Packaging Solutions with Partnerships

Our business development is guided by sustainability, we are always looking for new ways to make our workflow more planet-friendly. This is why we have teamed up with ePac, a packaging manufacturer based in Austria, because we believe that together, we can do just that.

We already know how big a role packaging can play in creating sustainable solutions, and here we spotlight ePac, our trusted packaging partner, for their efforts centred around the need for more sustainable packaging, and the ways in which we can harness technology to achieve this.

ePac - Combating Unnecessary Emissions Through Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Efficiency and accuracy are going to be key to streamlining operations in order to combat unnecessary emissions. ePac use their digital manufacturing process to improve efficiency, eliminating unnecessary waste, as well as being extremely energy efficient. There is a 30-60% reduction in environmental impact through digital printing. The materials used for the bags are ‘monomaterials’ – which are broadly just products made from one material – and by 2025 it will be mandatory for products to be monomaterials in order to claim recyclability. ePac refer to this on their website as contributing to the circular economy, and it is organisations like ePac that can have a huge bearing on how we work to minimise and recycle waste.

"In today's economy, we extract resources from the Earth, create products, and ultimately discard them as waste - a linear approach. In contrast, a circular economy aims to prevent waste generation from the outset"

ePac are then staying ahead of the legislative curve and leading the way in creating solutions with longevity. But more than just staying ahead of the curve, they are paving the way for other businesses to follow suit – particularly with their focus on the promises and possibilities of digital technologies – developing a new manufacturing model to challenge and disrupt the current systems.

“Aus der Region, Für die Region” Keeping Supply Chains Short and Reducing Mileage  

Another of ePac’s core values is the notion that their packaging is ‘from the region, for the region’, a slogan that represents a focus on keeping supply chains short, and reducing the mileage required by hauliers.  This is also a key reason why TNL chose to partner with epac, since they are based in Austria, Switzerland’s neighbour…

This is part of a general trend of ‘reshoring’, whereby the production and manufacture of goods returns to the region where the products are being sold. This reduces the extra costs and delays that are often associated with longer haul shipping/transportation. “Aus der region, fur die region” is also a phrase that is becoming increasingly prominent in Swiss supermarkets too, reinforcing the notion that food miles are best kept to a minimum, and something that Switzerland is committing to achieving more broadly.

ePac and TNL - A Strong Partnership for Sustainable Packaging Solutions

We have worked with ePac for several years now and we are constantly impressed at their service and the quality of product. The team are extremely helpful, and it was great to be able to attend their event to strengthen this relationship further. For packaging solutions, we can’t commend them enough, and we look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

Join us in our commitment towards sustainable packaging solutions. Contact us to learn more about how TNL and ePac can help reduce your environmental impact while delivering quality products. Let's work together towards a more sustainable future!

Optionality and better sustanability

A circular economy approach can help brands make and save money by:

  • Waste reduction: Minimizing waste production helps companies reduce waste disposal and management costs.
  • Brand reputation: Embracing circular economy practices can improve a brand's reputation, attracting environmentally-conscious consumers and increasing market share. This ios especially true for younger generations
  • Regulatory compliance: Implementing circular economy strategies can help brands comply with existing and future environmental regulations, avoiding potential fines and penalties and packaging stock which will be out of date.
  • Have a Regional focus: ePac's "Aus der Region, Für die Region" approach keeps supply chains short, reducing transportation-related emissions and costs. The partnership represents a broader commitment to reshoring production and manufacturing, minimizing food miles and environmental impact.
  • Having a commitment to sustainability can lead to competitive advantages and long-term profitability.
  • By prioritizing local producers and labeling products with the commitment "From the region, For the region," brands can support regional economies and create job opportunities.