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Packaging trends 2023 infographic: What to consider when designing packaging for your products

Discover the key considerations for designing innovative and eco-friendly packaging for your products with our 2023 Packaging Trends Infographic.
March 3, 2023
April 24, 2024
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Packaging trends 2023 infographic: What to consider when designing packaging for your products

The graphic below outlines a few of the main things to consider when thinking about packaging. An innovative product deserves innovative packaging, so it is important not to skip this crucial step since packaging acts as the messenger of your overall ethos and brand.

What role does packaging play as part of your brand creation? How to think about packaging as the figurehead of your brand story and ethical commitments.

The key themes that are expressed here are the social and environmental responsibility that consumers expect from brands. This is an expectation that only continues to grow, with consumers demanding innovators and leaders, instead of brands that stay just ahead of legislation to avoid being penalised by bans or taxes. Transparency is often the way of tackling these oftentimes high expectations, even transparency about weaknesses and the challenges faced in finding and creating the perfect packaging/product solution is increasingly respected. The 2023 packaging trends really are embedded in the wider trajectory of sustainable and ethical product development, something that consumers increasingly care more about.  

Simple take away, TNL suggests…

Make 2023 the year that you as a brand look to clever packaging with a clear (and transparent) message.  

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