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Gummies – the latest and maybe greatest(?) way to get your CBD dosage.

The UK's Evening Standard Newspaper looks at the Best CBD supplements: The top pills and tablets on the market.
April 24, 2024
Industry News

It’s always a huge thrill for TNL to see one of our projects out in the wild!

Especially this one: working with Pollen/Tilray was fantastic, and we love the outcome as much as The Evening Standard does!

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Even though there is a cost-of-living crisis going on, consumers require joyful respites amid the anxiety and stress from everyday pressures. Consumers have appreciated occasions when happiness, fun or playfulness can be found in everyday items and activities. Good products which amplify flavours, colours, textures, and aromas will always be in demand for functional supplements, food and drinks.

There is a rise in CBD-infused food, drink and beauty product due to recent research that recognizes the health benefits of CBD beyond pharmaceuticals. We’re now also beginning to uncover more information minor cannabinoids and terpenes offer loads of potential.  

If you’ve decided to enter the functional health space and have an idea about what you’d like to do, but need some help on the brand creation, marketing or growth side of things, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our mission is to create solutions that empower better health

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