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What is Water Soluble CBD and how does it work?

Specialised cannabinoid facility True North Labs offers water soluble CBD formulations to create water soluble CBD products with superior bioavailability.
April 24, 2024
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Water soluble CBD is a total game-changer, not only because it provides an opportunity to create amazingly effective cannabinoid edibles and drinks, but due to the impact this unique type of formulation has on bioavailability too.

What is Bioavailability?

Bioavailability refers the the amount of active compounds in a substance that are absorbed and used by the body. As most CBD products are in an oil base the amount of cannabinoids that actually makes it into circulation can be as low as 6%, because the human body is largely made of water, and water and oil don’t mix.

This is of course an extremely low absorption rate, meaning that oil formulations are generally not considered to be the most effective way (cost or otherwise) for consumers to take their daily cannabinoid dose. Water soluble CBD products change all that.

What is Water Soluble CBD? Water Soluble CBD vs Oil

Unlike CBD oil, which contains active cannabinoids suspended in an oil base made using inactive ingredients, water soluble CBD formulations are made using nanoparticulate drug delivery systems. These have been created to modify and improve absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion and therefore the overall effects of a wide variety of drugs. In this case, CBD products.

Water soluble CBD is made by using ultrasonic waves to shrink cannabinoid particles down to a microscopic size, which can then be dispersed throughout a product and absorbed with ease. In fact, in stark contrast to the 6% bioavailability of CBD oil, the bioavailability of water soluble CBD can be as much as 90%! This naturally results in a vastly superior product, with fast acting effects at lower doses.

True North Labs Water Soluble CBD Oil for sale

As with everything we do here at True North Labs, we strive to be the best – delivering not only an excellent CBD formulation, but taking into account all aspects of the product and packaging too.

When it comes to water soluble CBD oil, we examine how to deliver better bioavailability, better stability, better flexibility, better reliability and better consistency by creating tailored solutions to meet your product goals. Whether it’s water soluble CBD or regular CBD oil, we always use standardised extracts (which enables us to formulate accurately), derived from the highest standard plant mass from Swiss and European growers. This provides consistent dosing for your customers and a high calibre CBD experience with every use.

Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD

Many water soluble CBD products are isolates – usually the CBD molecule on its own, dispersed in a liquid. Here at True North Labs, we are delighted to be able to offer full spectrum water soluble CBD, allowing you to take full advantage of the entourage effect (all active parts of the cannabis plant working in synergy) in a highly dissolvable and absorbable form.

The Process

There are many things we do that make us a cut above the rest in the cannabis industry, learned from ten year’s worth of experience in the North American and Canadian markets. We’re not new to this. We know without a shadow of a doubt that cryogenic ethanol extraction yields the best results, separating out plant actives from the plant material and discarding undesirable components such as chlorophylls, lipids, and fats. We then follow this process with cold filtration, and further distillation which leaves us with the purest, standardised CBD extract. If crystalline cannabinoids are required, we’ll then put the product through crystallization in a glass reactor or flash chromatography separation technique in our state-of-the-art facility.

From here, we can then take the purified extract and use our high bioavailability water-soluble technology to create a water soluble product that can be infused into oral drops, topicals, edibles and many other readily acceptable, highly functional forms.

How to use water soluble CBD oil

Unlike non-water soluble formulations, water soluble CBD oil is easily dispersed in liquids and emulsions, making this the ideal solution for CBD drinks, CBD edibles and CBD cosmetics. There’s also the option to offer water soluble CBD drops, which can be added to the user’s drink of choice.

Water compatible cannabinoid emulsion

Water soluble CBD is most commonly used for CBD drinks, but it’s also the perfect solution for creating high performance cosmetics.

A number of popular topicals, like moisturisers and body butters, are made using emulsification - a process that allows us to create a product from two self-repelling parts, like oil and water. By using a water soluble CBD formulation in an emulsified product, we are able to properly disperse the cannabinoids throughout, making active ingredients readily absorbable and dosage per application easier to regulate.

Also Be careful comparing water-soluble powders to liquid water-soluble.  There can be some significant formulation challenges. Any powdered water-soluble solution above 10% is most likely not stable and will have long term stability issues . For a case study of how we might be able to help with your product development, have a look at "A CBD Beverage That Ticks All the Boxes"

If your looking for a European supplier of Water soluble CBD or create amazingly effective cannabinoid edibles and drinks please get in touch with our lab-team.

For more information on water soluble and how it works, see our recent article that turns to chemistry to discuss the key differences between water-soluble and oil-soluble, and why these differences matter when selecting ingredients for your products.

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